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New from MyCaravan - no towbar? no worries!

Why waste money on expensive hotel accommodation when you can enjoy the great outdoors by hiring an on-site caravan.

Simply find your ideal caravan, book a caravan site at any nearby caravan park, then sit back and relax while the caravan owner delivers and sets up the caravan for you.

MyCaravan's new NO-TOW option is available with most of our listings. Just look for 'NO-TOW' in the caravan description.

Can't find a caravan where you're going? Simply fill out the Contact Us form below and we'll help you find one.


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Trust & Safety

We conduct ID checks on all our renters. We collect a security deposit. We provide a comprehensive rental agreement.


We help you with your insurance.

Save Money

Renting a caravan through MyCaravan is an average of 20% cheaper as compared to commercial rental operators.


MyCaravan offers a unique holiday experience by connecting holidaymakers with caravan owners.

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