Top 5 tips for first time caravanning

Towing a caravan or trailer adds a whole new dimension to any holiday. It’s an exciting time of freedom, fun, and the thrill of a new experience. It’s also a big step. Factors such as what to bring, time spent on the road, and where to park suddenly have much greater importance. Here are MyCaravan top 5 tips for first time caravanning…..

  1. Master your set up & pack down routine and even take a course. It’s important to familiarise yourself with your new ‘home away from home’. Have a trial run of hitching, towing, leveling, connecting gas, water, power etc. The more practice, the more efficient you will be on the road. There are a number of ‘caravanning for beginners’ and towing courses that will arm you with practical and theoretical advice and scenarios to give you more confidence.
  1. Have a checklist…. for everything! and cross things off as you pack. For example – Food & kitchen – Linen, Clothing & personals – Fuel and water – Safety gear, medical & lights – Maps, charts, GPS – Tools – Notepad & pen
  1. When packing use the principle of “When in doubt – leave it out!” You’ll need a lot less clothing than you think. Some good advice is put all the clothes you think you may need in one pile on the bed and then halve the clothing. Be mindful of the weight limitations of both your van & vehicle.
  1. Slow and steady. Towing a caravan while travelling at high speed is a double whammy for draining your vehicle’s fuel consumption. And it’s even more pronounced when driving into the wind. If towing a caravan at a reduced speed, be mindful of traffic behind you, and use slow vehicle turnouts where possible.
  1. The early bird has clear roads. When towing a caravan for the first few times, it pays to rise early and hit the road before the crowds join the party, as you’ll feel much more confident driving in light traffic.

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