Birthdays on the road – a firsthand account of keeping the spirit alive.

We were recently preparing to set off on a 3 week road trip from Sydney to Tasmania and our 3 year old’s birthday would be on the first day of travel, much to the excitement of our 6 year old. We knew we would be on the road for most of the day and so, with simple pleasures in mind we bought a few items that would be practical, travel friendly and make the day feel special. We packed balloons, party hats & candles. We also wrapped a footy, a deck of minion playing cards and a dragon kite.

* Disclaimer: balloons are essential birthday items however they are not practical at all or travel friendly.

Our first pit stop marked the beginning of the festivities (no one was in the mood to celebrate with a 4am departure). We picked a shady picnic table to set up our party hats and had the chipmunks sing happy birthday through the car speakers, on repeat. Our balloon blowing competition gave us lots of laughs then the birthday boy unwrapped his presents. Pairing things back to a few birthday items seemed to make both the kids appreciate them more!

Back on the road and after a few games of ‘let the balloon fly out the window’, minion poker and ‘how many hats can you fit on your head’ we arrived at our park and set up camp. No birthday is complete without a cake and candles but on the road you don’t have all the luxuries of a home kitchen with ingredients. With this in mind we pre-packed some rice bubbles and a block of chocolate and the whole family pitched in to make a chocolate crackle cake complete with hundreds and thousands toppings and sparklers.

The birthday boy was declared king of the kite and master of the footy for the afternoon (still wearing his party hats) and his request for dinner was birthday cake. So after a BBQ sausage he got his wish and watched the sparklers go down on what was arguably the best birthday yet.


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