Campfire marshmallows – is there a perfect roast?

Roasting marshmallow on a stick this is the classic method of roasting marshmallows and should never be underestimated; the cooking utensils are 100% environmentally friendly and biodegradable and sourcing them is part of the fun and experience. Whether you like them just warm or love to blow out a ball of flames, roasting marshmallows should be part of every road trip.

Here are some other ways to enjoy marshmallows on the campfire.


S’mores – Toast multiple marshmallows over a campfire and cool just enough to handle with your fingers. Place a piece of chocolate on top of a sweet biscuit or cracker then place a toasted marshmallow on top of the chocolate. Have a double decker by adding a piece of chocolate on the marshmallow topped with another biscuit. Or for the ultimate s’more top with a final marshmallow.


Banana split

Banana boat – Leave bananas in the peal and make a cut down lengthways making sure you don’t cut all the way through. Stuff with chocolate and marshmallows. Wrap in aluminum foil and place in medium -hot coals for about 5-10 minutes. Turn and rotate often.



‘Strawmallows’ – over low heat melt half a packet of marshmallows in a pan, remove and let cool slightly. Dip strawberries into melted marshmallows to cover half and skewer on a stick. Roast over the fire until marshmallow is crunchy. Add up to 4 strawberries to the stick!



For the below two methods, the combinations are endless, experiment with any or all of these ingredients: choc chips, banana, strawberries, actually any type of fruit, m&ms, tiny teddies, rum (for the adults), peanut butter, crushed nuts, honeycomb chunks. Both are also great cooked in the over when you’re back at home.

Campfire cones
Campfire cones

Campfire cone – waffle cones are ideal but you can use any type of cone. Stuff the cone to the brim with any combination, wrap in foil and place in medium heat for about 5 mins.

In a pan – use a skillet or heavy based pan over low to medium heat coals. You can add a bit of butter to the pan if you want a smoother texture.

Roasting tips

  • Sit upwind of the fire to avoid smoke and flames in your face and eyes
  • A low fire or hot coals provide the best conditions for roasting marshmallows. The embers should be orange but not bursting with flames.
  • Use a “fire safe” tool when roasting marshmallows over an open fire.
  • Prevent accidents and set rules with the kids – keep a safe distance from the fire pit and no running!

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