Mission: Stay warm. Caravanning through the winter months.

Most Aussies see winter as a time to go into hibernation and wait for the warmer months before they they can go caravanning & camping again. While it does take a little more preparation and thought, it is still possible to enjoy the outdoors during winter, while being warm!

Keep extremities under wraps – head, ears, hands& feet. Layering and using quality fabrics like wool, fleece, flannelette & feathers will keep in body heat. Wearing closed in shoes with thick socks is a winner and little heat packs for your jacket pockets will keep your hands warm.

Warm up from the inside. We think hot drinks are underestimated in the cold. Holding a warm mug is good for warming up your hand as well. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate and mulled wines are great options. To keep hydrated a glass of warm water will do the trick.

Night time warmth. Whether you’re in a caravan, camper trailer or tent, your body heat will escape through the ground during the night. If you are using an air mattress try to put plenty of layers between you, the mattress and the ground. Use yoga mats, electric blankets or flannelette sheets. If you are in a tent, layer sheets of newspaper under yoga mats. Good quality sleeping bags, sheets, feather quilts and fleece throws are all essential items for a cosy night. And don’t forgot your beany!

The bushies TV – campfires! It’s social, entertaining and a good excuse to roast marshmallows. Check with park regulations about open flames. If fires are not allowed, crank up the BBQ.

Set up camp in the right spot. Ideally where the sun will shine for most of the day to warm up your caravan or camper and where you are sheltered from the wind. Use your car as a wind shield.

Heat suggestions – oil filled heaters, diesel heaters, electric blankets, fan heater, space blankets, portable gas heaters and hot water bottles

Remember, the days are shorter and night fall brings much lower temperatures. Always be prepared with extra clothing.

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